WASI volunteers have been serving Waterbury since 1971. From standing by at Harwood games to annual bike races, WASI is constantly looking to lend a hand.

2021 Ambulance Service of the Year.

Waterbury Ambulance Service is proud to have been selected as Vermont Ambulance Service of the Year for 2021. Vermont is covered with outstanding ambulance services and to be awarded with this title says a lot about the service we provide and the members who provide that service, and especially our Executive Director, Mark Podgwaite.


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I needed to call 911 for a neighbor and I was amazed at how quickly the first responder was at the house! Waterbury Ambulance, you truly are amazing people and I applaud every one of you for doing what you do. Everyone who showed up yesterday were so sweet and just a great bunch of people doing incredible things for my neighbor to make him comfortable. THANK YOU for doing such a fantastic job!

Amanda Lamb Waterbury, Vermont