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Have you heard? We're growing!

Waterbury Ambulance Service provides emergency medical coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with two ambulances, more than 30 volunteers, two full-time Advanced EMTs, as well as several paid Advanced EMTs. It is important to note that we are a nonprofit organization not a town or state agency and we rely on the generosity of community members like you. Your support, volunteer work, our annual household subscription, and donations allow us to provide award winning services, operations, and back-country rescue. We were awarded Ambulance Service of the year by the State of Vermont in 2021.

This year we are launching a 3 million dollar campaign to provide a suitable home for our superior service. Please consider a donation of any amount to help us reach our goal! DONOR NAMING OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE HERE

To mail a check send to:
Waterbury Ambulance
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PO Box 95
Waterbury Center, VT 05677


Waterbury Ambulance Service is currently housed in a 2,400 square foot building near the town garage that was built in the 1983 by
high school students in their Construction Technology class. WASI has grown exponentially in the forty years since that time. The number
and complexity of skills and medical procedures during emergency calls has dramatically increased. This has required ever-increasing
demands for equipment, training and supplies. Our needs include:


Waterbury Ambulance’s foundation is its volunteers. There is a national trend of a decrease in emergency response volunteers nationwide. Waterbury Ambulance has not been immune to this trend. As volunteers have aged and retired, younger individuals have less time to volunteer or attend the required year around
training, WASI has filled in staffing needs with eight per diem employees. Many of these employees come from out of town and need overnight accommodations. Waterbury Ambulance’s current facility does not have adequate rooms, beds, restroom facilities or laundry to house any employees overnight.


Waterbury Ambulance’s current two garage bays are no longer large enough to house the current size of ambulances. One of the ambulances needs  replacement and a new one cannot be housed due to lack of adequate space in bays. As well as, Waterbury Ambulance hosts the Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team. This team responds to calls for Search & Rescue in the remote and mountainous areas surrounding our community. This is an equipment intensive operation with a truck, ATVs, snowmobile, command trailer, “snowbulance,” and trailers that are currently housed around the community due to lack of space at the current location. This causes an inevitable delay in the response time, and Waterbury Ambulance Service’s two administrative staff  currently share one small office without adequate space for working or storing sensitive medical and personnel materials.


Waterbury Ambulance’s existing small 800 square foot training room is generally full of supplies for COVID-19 testing and vaccinating. Ambulance supplies,  training materials, and equipment are stored in a variety of cabinets piecemealed throughout the facility. Waterbury Ambulance Service also has an offsite
storage unit used to store documents.


Waterbury Ambulance Service has been searching for a location for a new facility for the last five years. It has been a challenge with rising property values, the necessity to be in a central location, flood plain issues and additional affordable housing community considerations. Waterbury Ambulance Service has been working on designs with EH Danson and Associates architecture. Waterbury Ambulance Service has engaged with local representatives, town government, and community members to identify a location.

In September of 2021, Waterbury Ambulance Service was approached by a healthcare organization initiating the building of a new branch facility in  Waterbury. They expressed interest in partnering with Waterbury Ambulance Service to build adjacent to them and share expenses related to the site  development.

Waterbury Ambulance plans to build a 6,500 square foot facility that will accommodate the current and anticipated needs of the squad into the distant future. Of key importance will be having the space available for crew members to sleep at the facility to significantly improve Waterbury Ambulance Service’s response times. Our intention is to successfully raise the funds needed to begin construction in Fall of 2022 and occupy the building by spring of 2023.



 • Two Sleeping Quarters For Crew Members • Laundry, Showers & Decontamination Stations • Garage Big Enough To House Ambulances • Room For Community Trainings • Adequate Space For Storage For Medical Supplies

Help us make our vision a reality!

Thank You, The Waterbury Ambulance Team