What We Do

All of WASI's vehicles include ECG monitors with 12 lead capabilities and noninvasive monitoring. They also are equipped with noninvasive CPAP capabilities, ePCR SIREN charting and IV equipment. Trauma gear also includes full advanced life support medical supplies and devices to manage and care for critically ill or injured patients.

WASI was founded in 1971 in response to the federal NHTSA legislation establishing EMS officially in the US. Since then, we've grown significantly, but at our core we are still a group of highly skilled, committed volunteers, ready at a moments notice to save a life, or just lend a helping hand.

We are constantly looking for new ways to be involved in the community: we have historically stood by at community events like the fair, annual bike rides, Turkey Trots, Harwood hockey games, and more! If you want to get involved with your community, WASI is a great way to get a unique perspective on our town, and to make a real difference.

Fast Facts

We currently are comprised of 44 members, of all different kinds. They are trustees, drivers, officers, attendants, crew chiefs, community members, and more! We have a lot to do, so the more talented, passionate people we have on board, the better we can serve our community.
Transport Volume
WASI handles upwards of six hundred 911 calls every year, and 2016 was a record setting year for the third year in a row, with 698 calls!
How do I help?
Getting involved is easy! If you want to be involved with the response and treatment of patients, apply online below. You can also easily get involved as a community based member. These kinds of members are needed to help plan events, recruit for WASI, and manage day to day operations.

Some agencies we work closely with

Waterbury Fire Department, Vermont State Police